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Utilizing our proprietary Soundscape technology, we are able to “jam” wildlifes ability to communicate. This is why we are different.

About Us

About Guardian Technologies Group

We are a passionate group of diverse professionals working to provide an effective, repeatable, reliable and simple solutions for nuisance wildlife across a broad range of industries.

We are a US Based manufacturer.

We have 5+ years of research and development with this technology and are constantly improving and bettering our technology and delivery systems.

The Technology

The Guardian Soundscape Technology

Our technology has been designed, engineered, tested and proven effective on nearly all species of songbirds, gulls, wading birds, waterfowl, raptors and birds of prey. As well as on mammals like deer, raccoon, possum and others.

Our Soundscape technology is an uncomplicated, sound-based solution differentiating itself from traditional “scare” tactics which are proven to be temporary and ineffectual long term. 

The Science

With over 5 years of R&D and 20+ University based studies, our technology was developed by focusing on wildlife’s instinctual need to communicate.

The need for effective communication is directly associated with survival, sustenance, reproduction or any activities related to these life saving needs.

Focused on disrupting communication, our technology in essence “jams” the communication of the targeted wildlife causing them to feel unsafe and they will instinctually leave the targeted area.

Why are we different?

Instinctual Behavior versus Learned Behavior

Wildlife’s instinctual need to communicate is the driver for survival. The Guardian Technology is able to target and truly affect the wildlife’s ability to communicate every time they encounter our Soundscapes.  Since we are able to have a true effect, every time, they never habituate to the jamming effect because it’s real.  

Whereas the scary sounds (cannons, poppers predator calls etc) and other technology designed to scare them over time,  the wildlife soon learns, sometimes very quickly, there is not a predator coming after them and they continue their nuisance behavior.

In fact, one step further, when proactively deployed and run consistently, the wildlife learns to just avoid the targeted area and will not return as they alter their feeding behavior to avoid the area.

Partnered with

Utilizing autonomous ag-tech technology like Burro, Guardian Technology can help replace expensive and cumbersome netting systems and freeing up labor to focus on other dirty and dangerous jobs.

What We Offer



  • System can be mounted on poles, rafters, trailers, or walls.
  • Speaker array options- 360°, 180°, Directional.
  • Power input 120VAC only; or 120VAC / 12VDC selectable.
  • Soundscape Options Soundscape A, Soundscape B, Soundscape A/B.
  • NEMA enclosure for use in all environments.
  • Adjustable volume controls for controlling sound level in smaller areas.
  • Programmable Timer.
  • Single 360° array covers approximately 8-20+ acres depending on topography of site.

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Dairy and Poultry Operations

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