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A non-lethal, natural anthropogenic sound for the deterrence of birds and nuisance wildlife. Utilizing ruggedized custom delivery systems in the following industries.

The Sound Blanket™ Wildlife Deterrent System

  • GTG designed, simple, configurable systems for Indoor or Outdoor applications have been completed.
  • Works like a cell phone jammer-interrupting communication/predator awareness causing wildlife to feel unsafe in area. Noticeable results within hours.
  • Emitted is a Non-Lethal Anthropogenic Sound which is a true Deterrent Soundscape. (No frightening, predator, or nuisance sounds)
  • The Audible Sound is comparable to retro washing machines or waves crashing on shore, thus usable in both Urban & Rural locations.
  • Relying on 20+ university studies combined with 5 years of Research and Development by Wildlife Defense Systems, the Sound Blanket™ was created and now marketed and sold under license to Guardian Technologies Group LLC. (GTG)

User Experiences

Suttons Bay, MI

"The Sound Blanket™ on sweet cherries and apples has successfully protected our crop for the last two years."

Linden, MI farm

"The Sound Blanket™ is proving to be an effective deterrent in reducing bird damage in our sweet corn."


USCG Pier St Ignace, MI, “The Sound Blanket™ was a success for deterring gulls from nesting within the Common Tern Colony.”

Cell/Communication Towers

For a South Georgia County EMA successfully prevented vultures from roosting on a 250 ft over a 14 day evaluation period


Purdue University Aquaculture study found the Sound Blanket to provide a quantifiable postive reduction in fish loss from wildlife and birds

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Self-Contained Mobile System

SCM-200 Sound Control Module

Solar & Array Pole Mounting Kit

GTG-Deflection Array

Battery Kit


  • System can be mounted on poles, rafters, trailers,
    or walls.
  • Speaker array options- 360°, 180°, Directional.
  • Power input 120VAC only; or 120VAC / 12VDC selectable.
  • Sound Blanket™ Options Soundscape A, Soundscape B, Soundscape A/B.
  • NEMA enclosure for use in all environments.
  • Adjustable volume controls for controlling sound level in smaller areas.
  • Programmable Timer.
  • Single 360° array covers approximately 5-7 acres depending on topography of site.



Poles, Trailers


Walls, Rafters


Specialized Tower Arrays

Solid Waste

Trailers, Sled


Poles, Trailers


Poles, Trailers

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