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Providers of the “Guardian” Wildlife Deterrent System

A non-lethal, set of soundscapes for the deterrence of birds and nuisance wildlife. Utilizing ruggedized custom delivery systems in various industries.


The “Guardian” Wildlife Deterrent System

Our Soundscape technology is a sound-based solution differentiating itself from traditional “scare” tactics. Guardians Technology Group designed simple, configurable systems for Indoor or Outdoor applications in use across multiple industries.

Causes wildlife to feel unsafe in the area. Noticeable results within hours.

Relying on 20+ university studies combined with 5 years of Research and Development by WDSI; the Soundscapes were created and now marketed under license to Guardian Technologies Group LLC. (GTG)

The Audible Sound is comparable to retro washing machines or waves crashing on shore, thus usable in both Urban & Rural locations.

Emitted is a Non-Lethal sound which is a true Deterrent Soundscape. (No frightening, predator, or nuisance sounds)

What We Offer



  • System can be mounted on poles, rafters, trailers, or walls.
  • Speaker array options- 360°, 180°, Directional.
  • Power input 120VAC only; or 120VAC / 12VDC selectable.
  • Soundscape Options Soundscape A, Soundscape B, Soundscape A/B.
  • NEMA enclosure for use in all environments.
  • Adjustable volume controls for controlling sound level in smaller areas.
  • Programmable Timer.
  • Single 360° array covers approximately 5-7 acres depending on topography of site.

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No more expensive netting, fencing, cannons, scary sounds or outdated scarecrows.

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Poles, Trailers


Walls, Rafters


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Poles, Trailers


Poles, Trailers

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About Guardian Technologies Group

We are a passionate group of diverse professionals working to provide an effective, repeatable, reliable and simple solutions for nuisance wildlife across a broad range of industries.

We are a US Based manufacturer.

We have 5+ year of research and development with this technology and are constantly improving and bettering our technology and delivery systems.