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An Innovative Approach

Guardian TGI vs. Conventional Sound-Based Deterrents

Conventional Sound-Based Deterrents: A Flawed Approach

Guardian TGI distinguishes itself from conventional sound-based deterrent systems that frequently employ scare tactics, such as playing intimidating sounds like gunshots. While these methods may initially startle wildlife, a critical issue arises with the animals’ gradual desensitization to these noises, ultimately leading them to return to the area meant to be kept clear.

Guardian TGI’s Unique Principle: A Humane Solution

In stark contrast, Guardian TGI operates on a truly unique and innovative principle. Rather than relying on fear-inducing strategies, Guardian TGI utilizes an exclusive sound deterrent system. This system disrupts the communication signals of various wildlife species, effectively compelling them to stay away. This humane and efficient solution to wildlife management ensures that animals are kept at bay without resorting to fear-inducing tactics that animals can become desensitized to over time. Guardian TGI sets a new standard in wildlife control, prioritizing both effectiveness and animal welfare.

The “Guardian” Wildlife Deterrent System

Our Soundscape technology is a sound-based solution differentiating itself from traditional “scare” tactics. Guardians Technology Group designed simple, configurable systems for Indoor or Outdoor applications in use across multiple industries.

  • Causes wildlife to feel unsafe in the area. Noticeable results within hours.
  • Emitted is a Non-Lethal sound which is a true Deterrent Soundscape. (No frightening, predator, or nuisance sounds)
  • The Audible Sound is comparable to retro washing machines or waves crashing on shore, thus usable in both Urban & Rural locations.
  • Relying on 20+ university studies combined with 5 years of Research and Development by WDSI; the Soundscapes were created and now marketed under license to Guardian Technologies Group LLC. (GTG)

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